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Grade 3 and 5 Students present THE X FACTORY 2023

The X Factory is a delightfully titled school musical that's bound to tickle your funny bone!

St. Dithers School finds itself in a tough spot. Following less than-glowing OFSTED inspection, the school has been tagged as "Average", putting it at risk of closure.

In a race against time, the concerned school governors decide on a rather radical plan.. Realizing that turning the school around din just six weeks is a Herculean task, they opt for the next best thing - replacing the head teacher (along with most of the students) with "super-talented" individuals. To add more flair, they recruit a brand-new staff compromised of celebrities from the world of entertainment. 

But when the original staff and students decide to stand up and fight back, it's a wild ride of fun and laughter, making this a highly entertaining show for young performers.

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Location: KIS Auditorium
Date: December, 14th 2023
Time: 13:00
Ticket price: 3000 KZT
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Please transfer your payment via Kaspi and add "X FACTORY" in the comment section.

Kaspi card number:
4400 4301 5085 9913

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8 747 771 7270 Талшын Р.

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