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KIS Founder’s Scholarships for IB Diploma Students

Kazakhstan International School is proud to announce the inauguration of the KIS Founder’s Scholarship programme. These awards reflect our commitment to ensuring that students with outstanding potential are given the opportunity to succeed, irrespective of their financial background.

KIS Founder’s Scholarships are awarded to outstanding students each academic year, from the academic year 2020-21 onwards. The scholarships are available to current and prospective KIS students who wish to enroll in the KIS IB Diploma Programme, i.e. in Grade 11. There is no fixed number of scholarships. If there is no suitable candidate in a given year, no scholarship will be awarded.



The aim of the Founder’s Scholarship is to recognise and reward students who exemplify the KIS motto, More than Academics, by excelling in both academic achievement and contribution to school life beyond their formal academic studies.


Depending on merit, the scholarship award is either 50% or 100% of the tuition fees for the grade level that the student will be studying in, for Grades 11-12 (i.e. for the duration of the Diploma Programme).

Continuation of the award into the second academic year is contingent on the student maintaining a high level of academic performance and co-curricular contribution. Should the student’s performance fall short, a meeting will be held with the student, his or her parents, and the relevant Senior Leadership Team members. An action plan will be implemented to support the student. If this is not successful within the agreed timeframe, the award will be withdrawn immediately.

The friends I made and the experiences I had at KIS will remain with me for my entire life as I strive to continue being a lifelong learner.Noémie Valéry

Student Testimonials

My name is Noémie and I am French, Swiss and Venezuelan. Coming from the French school system, many things shocked me when I first arrived at Kazakhstan International School in January 2020 in the middle of Grade 10. The first thing was the size of the classes. In my old school, we were about thirty students per class. Here at KIS, this number was cut in half. This allowed me to express myself more freely in class and get personalized help from the teachers when necessary. The teachers also surprised me: they were kind, understanding and empathic. They really made my experience at KIS so much better. The number of activities fascinated me. Although my old school surpassed KIS greatly in size and number of students, KIS had a lot more to offer. As soon as I joined KIS, I signed up for theatre, debate, and the Eco-Committee. I invested myself wholly into these activities even during online learning, which was handled beautifully. Thanks to KIS, my activities really made my university applications stand out, allowing me to get an interview at Princeton and get accepted into the Universities of Edinburgh, Exeter, and King's College London, among others. In my two years of DP, I continued my activities and was pleasantly surprised by my classmates, who were wonderful. We helped each other on projects and became good friends. I remember telling my mother, "I have never had such a perfect class since kindergarten!" The friends I made and the experiences I had at KIS will remain with me for my entire life as I strive to continue being a lifelong learner.

Noémie V

I’ve been a student of various educational institutions in Almaty, but my experience with KIS was truly exceptional. From the very beginning of the two-year IB DP course that I took, I felt the freedom to embrace my uniqueness, progress forward, and prioritize areas that were important for me specifically. The support I got from the teaching staff and my peers played a vital role in my confidence in my desired university education and the career I want to pursue in the future. The IB DP is not by any means an easy program, as it puts a lot of pressure and responsibility on the student to be in charge of their future. For me, this was a great chance to test myself and find ways to grow personally and academically. Considering my experiences, I cannot think of a better place to graduate than KIS Almaty.

Daniyar B




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