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Toddlers (2-year-old)

5 000 USD (half-day option)

8 900 USD (full-day option)

Pre-Kindergarten (3-year-old)

6 900 USD (half-day option)

9 100 USD (full-day option)

Kindergarten (4-year-old)  10 300 USD
Reception (5-year-old) 12 300 USD
Grades 1-2 17 440 USD
Grades 3-5 18 160 USD
Grades 6-8 19 380 USD
Grades 9-10 20 400 USD
Grades 11-12

22 340 USD

Additional Fees

Entrance exam (Grade 1-12):
20 000 KZT per child

Admission fee:
250 000 KZT per child (once-only, non-refundable, paid upon enrollment)



Reservation Fee of 1500 USD,is paid in tenge at the exchange rate of the Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE). The reservation fee guarantees your child a place in the grade. The reservation fee is deducted from the payment amount for the first academic period. The reservation fee is non-refundable if your child is withdrawn for any reason.


For families with more than one child at KIS there is a discount of 5% for the second child and a discount of 20% for each subsequent child. These discounts are not cumulative.



Additional charges for using the school bus service:

  • 550 000 KZT per academic year for return journeys
  • 400 000 KZT per year for one way journeys



School meals (toddlers and pre-school): 2,000 KZT/day.

Kindergarten to Grade 5: 2,500 KZT/day. 

Grades 6-12: 2,000 KZT/day (optional).


Most activities are organized and run by our own teaching staff and are usually free of charge.

Some activities may require a small charge to cover costs; for example, if they are run by external providers, or use external facilities.

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Tuition fees are fixed at these US dollar (USD) equivalents for the duration of the school year. In case of devaluation of the Kazakhstani tenge (KZT), the amount payable in KZT will increase. When paying the tuition fee in installments at each billing period, the tuition fee amount in KZT is determined using the USD/KZT Kazakhstan stock exchange rate on the day the fees are paid.


Payment for the 2022-2023 Academic year and for school bus service delivery can be payed in three equal tranches, in the following payment periods:

An invoice will be sent out before the end of the preceding school year for the first billing period, and 7 calendar days before the beginning of the second and third billing periods.

Each installment of the school fees must be paid in full during these billing periods.

Late payment of fees after the billing period will carry a 0.5% surcharge for each calendar day that fees are late.


Surcharges will be made in the following cases:

1. If paying in monthly installments, there is a surcharge of 10% to school fees. If paying monthly, each installment must be made by the 6th of each month, starting in September. If the 6th of the month is a holiday, the fees must be paid by the close of school (3.45pm) on the second day of the school being back in session.

2. Late payment of fees after the billing period will carry a 0.5% surcharge for each calendar day that fees are late. In case of late payment, a second invoice will be issued for parents, starting the projected surcharge fees.

3. If fees are not paid by the tenth day after the billing period, the relevant child(ren) will not be allowed to aend school. The child(ren) may return to school only when all relevant fees and outstanding bills have been cleared with the KIS accounting office.

These surcharges cannot be waived.


If a child joins KIS in the middle of a semester, the calculation of the applicable school term fees is based on the remaining number of days of the school year divided by the total number of school days in the academic year. The admission fee must still be paid in full.


KIS requires one month's notice (in writing) prior to a child's early withdrawal, in order to have all documents and certificates prepared in time.

If parents request a refund, they need to complete the Early Withdrawal Application for Refund Form to request the refund for the remaining school days for which they are eligible. The refund will not be paid if the request is not submitted in writing.

Parents also need to complete the KIS Student Leaver Form to clear all debts with KIS before any official documents can be released to the family.

Once all the forms are completed, and all outstanding payments made and cleared, the report card and any transfer documents will be released to the family of the student leaving.

Refunds are based on the prorating of the remaining payment, minus the reservation fee and an administrative fee. (The administrative fee amounts to 10% of the fees for the number of days remaining in the academic year.)