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Sezim A. - Affinity and Humanity

Curatorial Rationale

My topic is the human experience that we get through socialization. In fact, my topic was more narrowed and focused on forms of human love in order to show the concept that a person without love for something or someone is not a full-fledged person. However, an artist without emotions for their artworks does not have a resource for creatures. The philosophy of existentialism is revealed through the prism of Franz Kafka, for example in the painting I Cannot Make You Understand and Dazai Osamu’s ideas in alienation and development of the polemic between human beings and technologies. It is important to me to convey to the viewer how crucial experience is in our lives and that self-development as well as communication with each other.


I Cannot Make You Understand
Acrylic paint on canvas with dry pastel
42 cm x 3 cm x 59.4 cm

The inner worlds of Gregor Samsa in Kafka's Metamorphosis will be explored due to Kafka and Marina Gonzalez Eme's shared approach to expressionism. In the early 20th century, traditional aesthetics like Realism and Impressionism did not accurately depict the cultural and religious crises of the time. Expressionism's vibrant contrast is more fitting. Kafka's existential philosophy is well-suited to expressionism, as it addresses the question of being.

VI: The Lovers (2nd version)
Acrylic paint on canvas
92.4 cm x 5 cm x 122 cm

Night City in Cyberpunk 2077 is alluring despite its dark side. The world is full of contrasts and paradoxes, as seen in The Lovers tarot card. A painting portrays the color contrast between the Maelstrom gang and Tyger Claws, symbolizing humanity's fall. Evangelion explores technology and human connection. Cyberpunk seeks empathy in a dual world where reality and virtuality blur, and human connection is necessary.

Moonlit Transcendence
Acrylic paint on canvas
60 cm x 60 cm x 3 cm

In Shinto, the moon and the carp are both powerful symbols of transformation and growth. The moon represents change and cycles, while the carp is known for its ability to swim upstream. Just as the carp grows stronger as it faces the challenge of the current, so too can we develop our own strength through the challenges we face in life. The oval shapes and soft brush strokes imitate the artist inspiration of Claude Monet and represents the philosophy “forget what object you have before you”.

How is It To Be a Woman?
Digital photography

The East Asian photography style reflects the modern woman's desire to express herself beyond societal expectations, using color correction, femininity, and grain to celebrate diversity. Women's fight with society is portrayed here  as a human experience Despite historical oppression, women now have the voice to study, dream, and rebel against toxic norms. This photography celebrates the woman's journey towards self-discovery, challenging and breaking down barriers that once held them back.

I Don’t See, I Don’t Feel
Acrylic on canvas with paper cut-out flowers, hot glue linework
42 cm x 3 cm x 59 cm

The picture tells about frightening distraught blind love–killing the person. The very concept of love is ephemeral; displayed and perceived differently by each person. My aim is to not have a clear picture of blind love for the viewer. Inspiration is from Korean artist SILLLDA, depicting inner human fears. Her works show interference with inorganic and organic objects, creating a feeling of disgust through the beautiful. I achieved that and added a ‘pulp fiction’ style as in cheap magazines.

Digital Photography
29.7 x 42 cm
42 x 59.4 cm

‘Aynalayin’ is a Kazakh word that signifies an enduring connection between two individuals that transcends time and distance. This bond becomes even more significant in the context of queer relationships, where societal disapproval makes their love all the more special. The term captures intimate moments shared by queer partners, such as a gentle touch or a silent understanding gaze. The accompanying photos are a visual representation of this beautiful concept.

Hanahaki Disease

Hanahaki Disease represents pain and death from unrequited love, in the feeling of which a person’s lungs are filled with blood and flowers. Roses are considered to be the symbol of Hanahaki, because they symbolize the passion or tenderness of love, but the blood stains the meaning of these flowers with suffering. Half of the symbolism in my artwork was played by the position of the light: in the first part of the video you can see muted warm colors momentarily changing to cold and gloomy.

My Moon My Man
Graphic drawing with 0.3, 0.8 pen and 0.5 colored pencils
29.7 cm x 42 cm

I have been trying for a long time to close the topic of forms of love in my works. It was problematic to brainstorm for something else, but in parallel, while taking a comparative study research, ‘The Birthday’ by Marc Chagall became very significant for me after reading the artist’s background. I watched the anime "Cyberpunk: Edgerunners', where the relationship of the main characters David and Lucy is revealed as something tender, which are shown here in my own artwork.